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For more than twenty years, Abhaya has been known for our thoughtful, carefully curated and beautifully displayed collection of unique objects and furniture from all over the world. With a special focus on Asia, we have been a longtime resource for well known designers and architects, including many on the Architectural Digest 100 list.

Our striking 4000 square foot space, with soaring ceilings and prominent concrete support columns, is in an old industrial building in the heart of New York City's Tribeca neighborhood, steps from the areas best known restaurants and hotels. Our collection emphasizes pieces that display great patina and texture.  We exhibit a wide variety of one of a kind antique and contemporary ceramics,  carvings and unusual objects, as well as many spiritual pieces, including 19th Century Buddhas, Santos and protection figures from many cultures.

Visitors to our gallery often compare the experience to walking through a museum. This website is intended to give a sense of what we offer. Given the number of unique objects in our inventory, we cannot reproduce here more than a fraction of our selection.  Call or email with questions about whether we have what you are looking for.

We travel frequently on buying trips, so please call ahead for current opening hours.

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